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Help wanted: We are updating this resource guide, one of our most popular since the late 90s. We would be grateful for your comments and suggestions of especially useful, timely and accessible books, AVs web sites -- in particular, the sections on children, youth, peace studies, intn’l peacemakers, the environment, race, gender, the arts, religious issues, bibliographiesSend titles and your rationale to: or call 206/349-2501, ext. 3, >1 pm




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  Outstanding Introductions

Lawrence Apsey, James Bristol, Karen Eppler, Transforming Power for Peace, booklet of 17 brief stories (AVP, 1990)

Robert Cooney and Helen Michalowski, The Power of the People,*  richly illustrated photohistory of nonviolence in the U.S. (New Society, ‘87)

Engage and From Violence to Wholeness,* superb 10-part discussion and activity programs on the spirituality and practice of nonviolence (Pace e Bene, ’05, ’97,; FVTW avail from LPF w/supplement, ’01)

Walter Wink, editor, Peace Is the Way,* the best anthology we’ve seen (Orbis, 2000); and The Powers That Be,* wonderful stories, insight, and vision on Christian nonviolence, perfect for group study (Doubleday, ‘98).



Conflict Transformation

Roger Fisher and William Ury, Getting to Yes,** well-written, widely-used survey; less helpful on power issues (Penguin, ‘94); manual avail.

John Paul Lederach, The Little Book of Conflict Transformation,** fine overview by an unusually experienced, thoughtful practitioner

Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Compassion,* insightful and creative exploration (Puddle Dancer, ‘03)

Carolyn Schrock-Shenk and Lawrence Ressler, Making Peace With Conflict, biblically grounded and practical anthology (Herald, ‘99)

Deborah Tannen, You Just Don't Understand,** eye-opening, very readable book on gender and communication (Ballantine, ‘90)

When You tapes and manual for 10-session class for churches on conflict resolution (Mennonite Conciliation Service)

others: Barry Bartel, Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution, good 10-session curriculum (Faith & Life Press);  Peter Breggin, Beyond Conflict (St, Martin's, ‘92); Ellen Flanders, et al, Alternatives to Violence:  AVP workshops are among the best;  John Lawyer and Neil Katz, Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills (Kendall/Hunt);  Mennonite Conciliation Service, Mediation Training Manual; Brian Muldoon, The Heart of Conflict (Perigee, ‘96);  James Schellenberg, Conflict Resolution, valuable survey of research and practice (SUNY, ‘96);  Peter Steinke, Congregational Leadership in Anxious Times and Healthy Congregations (Alban, ‘06, ‘07); see also the PJRC workshop “How to Be a Bridge in a World Full of Walls.”


Peace & Justi ce Resource Center, 1710 11th Ave. , Seattle , WA 98122   206/349-2501 (ext. 3) Contact us about workshops and resources on peace & justice education, nonviolence, racial justice, globalization, etc. and for books at a discount from our book service (especially titles marked with an * or ** on this list).

Films, Audiovisuals

A Force More Powerful, inspiring stories of Gandhi, Nashville, South Africa, Denmark, Chile, Poland show the effectiveness of nonviolence; film/PBS/classroom versions (free study guides:

Where There is Hatred, nonviolent social change in Eastern Europe, the Philippines , Chile , Palestine (Maryknoll; also FOR,

Creating Peace; Getting Along; Young Peacemakers, and many other useful videos  (borrow free from Church World Service, 800/297-1516) 

True Colors, hidden camera follows black and white young men to explore both subtle and unsubtle effects of race in the U.S. (ABC Prime Time)

video stores: Coming Home, Eyes on the Prize, Gandhi, Long Walk Home, Romero, Schindler's List, Weapons of the Spirit... see also our annotated “Films for Exploring Peace & Justice Themes” (PJRC, 94…06)



Children, Families

Center for Media Literacy, fine videos and discussion helps for parents and young people on media violence (800/226-9494,

Families Creating a Circle of Peace,*  pledge of nonviolence, resources, e-news, videos... (Parenting for Peace & Justice, 314/533-4445,

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano, Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill, eloquent call to action on media violence (Crown, ‘99)

Marshall Rosenberg, “Raising Children Compassionately,”* “Hearing the Yes in the No,” others, among the best materials (;

Patty Wipfler, Quality Time,* Listening Effectively to Children,* Setting Limits,* Playlistening*insightful, practical (  

others: Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer, Families Valued,*  putting children's needs first (Friendship, ‘96);  Tom Hampson and Loretta Whalen, Tales of the Heart, superb manual (Friendship, ‘97) Sambhava and Josette Luvmour, Everyone Wins, 150 cooperative games (New Society, ‘90); William Martin, Parent’s Tao Te Ching (Marlowe, ’99); James & Kathy McGinnis, Parenting for Peace and Justice: 10 Years Later, very useful (Orbis, ‘90); Michael True, Ordinary People: Family Life and Global Values (23rd Publications); Susanne Wichert, Keeping the Peace, conflict ed. for preschoolers (New Society); Peacemaking for Young People (PJRC)



Youth, Young Adults

AFSC, Help Increase the Peace dynamic, engaging, highly participatory training program to learn nonviolent skills; trainers in 19 states (’04, manual is $30, 12-minute video rents for $5; AFSC, 410/323-7200,

Susan G. Fitzell, Free the Children,* fine conflict education manual for children and youth; useful quotes, activities (New Society, 1997)

Paul Loeb, Generation at the Crossroads,* revealing and insightful interviews build a hopeful perspective on youth today (Rutgers, ‘94)

Fiona Macbeth and Nic Fine, Playing With Fire: Creative Conflict Resolution for Young Adults, superb activities (New Society, ‘95)

Cornelia Penner, Games That Byte: Helping Youth Evaluate Computer Games, a full curriculum (Faith & Life Press)

others: Alan Creighton with Paul Kivel, Helping Teens Stop Violence: A Practi-cal Guide for Counselors, Educators & Parents (Hunter House, 94); Lynn Duvall, Respecting Our Differences, award-winning book written for youth (Free Spirit, 94); Glen Gersmehl, et al, Resources on Violence & Conflict Transformation, (PJRC, 96); Bidge McDay, Training for Non-violent Action for H.S. Students (Friends Peace Com); Jim McGinnis, Helping Teens Care (Crossroad); Peacemaking for Young People** packet (LPF)



School Programs

Center for Media Literacy, fine videos and discussion helps for parents and young people on media violence (800/226-9494,

Classroom Pledge of Nonviolence,* curricula, videos, school packages, e-newsletter... (Institute for Peace & Justice, 314/533-4445,

Conflict Resolution and Prevention programs: mediation, social skills, anti-bullying guided discipline; Partners in Learning enhancing school climate, student support (Educators for Social Responsibility,

PeaceWorks conflict resolution and mediation curricula for schools, peacemaking skills, research summaries (

Sarah Pirtle, Discovery Time for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, a superb manual of activities, K-8 (CCRC, ‘99)

Resolving Conflict Creatively Program well researched and designed program (Educators for Social Responsibility,

Marshall Rosenberg, Life-Enriching Education, proven process & skills for reducing conflict, improving learning climate (PDP, ’03,

Fran Schmidt and Alice Friedman, Peacemaking Skills for Little Kids, Fighting Fair, and other first rate manuals and audiovisuals for children and teachers (Peace Education Foundation, 305/576-5075)

others:  Jan Arnow, Teaching Peace* (Berkley, ‘95);  Children’s Creative Re-sponse to Conflict, The Friendly Classroom for a Small Planet (New Society, ‘88);  Ruth Fletcher, Teaching Peace (Harper, ’86); Stephanie Judson, Manual on Nonviolence and Children (New Society, ‘84); Linda Lantieri and Janet Patti, Waging Peace in Our Schools,* (Beacon, ‘96); Enid Lee, et al, Beyond Heroes and Holidays, race (NECA, ‘98); Tom Hampson and Loretta Whalen, Tales of the Heart, superb manual (Friendship, ‘97); Merry Merryfield and Richard Remy, eds, Teaching About Inter-national Conflict and Peace (SUNY, 95); Sambhava and Josette Luvmour, Everyone Wins, 150 cooperative games (New Society, ‘90); Susanne Wichert, Keeping the Peace, conflict ed. for preschoolers (New Society); Peacemaking for Young People (PJRC)



University Peace Studies

Maurianne Adams, et al, eds., Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice, a goldmine of curriculum ideas and resources (Routledge, 1997) David P. Barash, ed., Approaches to Peace, a good reader (Oxford, ‘02) Barash also wrote Introduction to Peace Studies (Wadsworth, ‘91); also, Jennifer Turpin and Lester Kurtz The Web of Violence (Illinois, ‘97)

Daniel Thomas and Michael Klare, eds., Peace and World Order Studies: A Curriculum Guide, hundreds of syllabai (Westview, ‘96)

Jennifer Turpin and Lois Ann Loretzen, ed., Gendered New World Order: Militarism, Development & the Environment (Routledge, ’96)

Stephen Zunes et al, Nonviolent Social Movements, an out-standing survey of examples around the world (Blackwell, 1999)

Global Directory of Peace Studies Programs,** (PJSA, ’06); Birgit Brock-Utne, Feminist Perspectives on …Peace Education (Pergamon, ‘89); Alice Frazer Evans, et al, Pedagogies for the Non-Poor (Orbis, ‘’89); David M. Johnson, ed., Justice and Peace Education, articles on various university subject areas (Orbis, ‘87); Clive Jones and Caroline Kennedy-Pipe, eds., International Security in a Global Age (Cass, ’00);  Michael Klare and Daniel Thomas, eds., World Security (St. Martin's, ‘02);  Ronald McCarthy and Gene Sharp, Nonviolent Action: A Research Guide, cases from around the world (Garland, ‘97);  Anatol Rapoport, The Origins of Violence (Paragon, ‘89) and Peace (Michigan, ‘92); see also bibliog.s page 5;



The Power of Nonviolence

Peter Ackerman and Jack DuVall, A Force More Powerful,** well-devel-oped case studies on successful nonviolent struggles ( St. Martin ’s, 2000)

Joan Bondurant, Conquest of Violence,** an unusually clear and penetrating exploration of Gandhi's genius ( California , ‘65) 

Staughton and Alice Lynd, eds., Nonviolence in America,* a fine anthology, with a superb historical introduction (Orbis, ‘95)  

Pam McAllister, ed., Reweaving the Web of Life,** stimulating, incisive anthology on women and nonviolence (New Society, ‘82)

Resource Manual of Decade for Peace activities and resources: superb! (FOR, ‘00, 180 pages);  Directory of Nonviolence Trainers, dozens of listings (FOR, ’01:   845-358-4601,

Walter Wink, Engaging the Powers,* exceptionally insightful volume with many fascinating stories and examples (Augsburg Fortress, ‘92)

others: Elise Boulding, Cultures of Peace, fine essays (Syracuse, ‘00); George Lakey, Powerful Peacemaking* by the respected nonviolence trainer (New Society, ‘87);  Selwyn Bruyn and P.M. Rayman, eds., Nonviolent Action and Social Change, very good (Irvington, ‘81); Colman McCarthy, I’d Rather Teach Peace (Orbis, ’02), All of One Peace, essays (Rutgers, ‘94); Michael Nagler, Is There No Other Way (Berkeley Hills,’01), America Without Violence* (Island, ‘82);  Chaiwat Satha-Anand and Michael True, eds., Frontiers of Nonviolence (available from PJSA);  Jonathan Schell, The Unconquerable World, (Holt,’03);  Gene Sharp, Politics of Nonviolent Action,*  comprehensive on both theory and practice (Porter Sargent, ‘72, 3 vols); Mulford Sibley, ed., Quiet Battle*; Weinberg, ed., Instead of Violence*; PJRC bibliog.,



King and Gandhi

Richard Deats, Martin Luther King, Jr.: Spirit Led Prophet, a brief, well-written biography ( New City , ‘00)  Many King writings are available at:   and

Flip Schulke and Penelope McPhee, King Remembered,* illustrated history with text of a key King essay on nonviolence (Pocket Books, ‘86)

Taylor Branch, Parting the Waters* and Pillar of Fire,* fine account of King and the civil rights movement (Simon & Schuster, 1988, 1998)

James Cone, Martin, Malcolm and America ,* (Orbis, 91); James M. Wash-ington, I Have a Dream,* the best brief MLK anthology, and A Testament of Hope,* major collection of King’s writings (both HarperCollins, ‘95, ‘86); Where Do We Go From Here, King’s last book is great for book groups (Harper,’67)

Eknath Easwaran, Gandhi the Man,*  fine illustrated overview (Nilgiri, ‘97);  Stanley Wolpert, Gandhi’s Passion* ( Oxford , 2001);  Louis Fischer, Gandhi: His Life and Message,*  brief biog. (NAL, ‘91);

Thomas Merton, ed., Gandhi on Nonviolence* brief quotes with a superb introduction by Merton (New Directions, ‘64); Homer Jack, ed., The Gandhi Reader* (Grove, ‘94);  Louis Fischer, ed., The Essential Gandhi*  (Vintage, ‘62)

Joan Bondurant, Conquest of Violence*  ( Calif. , ‘65); Gene Sharp, Gandhi as a Political Strategist* (PorterSargent, ‘79) fine explorations of Gandhi's genius



Nobel Peace Laureates

Irwin Abrams, ed., The Words of Peace,* inspiring selections from speeches of Nobel Peace Laureates (rev. ed., Newmarket, 2000)

Jeffrey Hopkins, The Art of Peace: Nobel Peace Laureates discuss Human Rights, Conflict and Reconciliation, including Desmond Tutu, Oscar Arias, Betty Williams, the Dalai Lama… (Snow Lion, ‘00)

Aung San Suu Kyi, The Voice of Hope,* conversations on truth and reconciliation, freedom and the force of love (Seven Stories Press, ‘97) and Freedom from Fear,* essays and speeches (Penguin, ‘95)

Mairead Corrigan Maguire, The Vision of Peace: Faith and Hope in Northern Ireland, essays edited by John Dear (Orbis, ‘99)

Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom,* autobiography (Little Brown, ‘94) Desmond Tutu, The Rainbow People of God,* moving sermons and essays (Doubleday, ‘93), No Future Without Forgiveness,* on South Africa ’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission process (Doubleday, ‘99)

also: The Dalai Lama, Ethics for the New Millennium; Adolpho Perez Esquivel, Christ in a Poncho, Mother Teresa, various volumes, Elie Wiesel, Memoirs



Peace Heroes

Catherine Ingram, In the Footsteps of Gandhi: Conversations with Spiritual Social Activists,* thoughtful interviews (Parallax, 1990)

Mary Ann Luke, ed., Pilgrims and Seekers, 27 profiles of peace and justice activists and heroes (Pax Christi, ‘90)

Pam McAllister, You Can’t Kill the Spirit,** and This River of Courage ** terrific stories of women and nonviolence (New Society, ’88, ’91)

Michael True, To Construct Peace and Justice Seekers, Peace Makers, 30 fine portraits of peace and justice heroes (23rd Public., ‘85, ‘92) 

Wall of Hope kit*, 100 brief, inspiring stories of peace and justice heroes and movements; everything a class or group needs to create their own "Wall of Hope" display: a version is on the web at:

others:  Joan Chittister, Passion for Life (Crossrd, ‘98); Charles deBenedetti, Peace Heroes (Indiana, ‘86); Milton Meltzer, Ain't Gonna Study War No More* (Harper, ‘85);  Jim Wallis and Joyce Hollyday, A Cloud of Witnesses, peace hero profiles (Orbis, ‘91);  Kathryn Watterston, Not By the Sword*  (S&S, ‘93);  Fred Wilcox, Uncommon Martyrs, on Plowshares (Addison Wesley, ‘91); book-length accounts on Aung San Suu Kyi,* Dan & Phillip Berrigan,* Dietrich Bonhoeffer,* Cesar Chavez,* Dorothy Day,* David Dellinger,* Jean Donovan, Muriel Lester, John Lewis,* Thomas Merton,* A.J.Muste, Rosa Parks,* Wm Penn, Helen Prejean,* Oscar Romero, Andrew Young,* PJRC bibliog.



Peace Movements

Robert Cooney and Helen Michalowski, Power of the People* a wonder-ful illustrated history of nonviolence in the US covering a remarkable number of the key events, leaders, and thinkers (New Society, 1987)

David Halberstam, The Children,* young people trained in F.O.R. leader Jim Lawson's nonviolence workshops in 60's Nashville (Random Hs, ‘98)

Vincent Harding, Hope and History: Why We Must Share the Story of the Movement,*  very helpful essays (Orbis, ‘90)

Bill Moyer, et al, Doing Democracy, an insightful perspective on social movement organizing and how change takes place (New Society, ‘01)

Stephen Zunes et al, Nonviolent Social Movements, an out-standing survey of examples around the world (Blackwell, ‘99)

Charles Chatfield, American Peace Movements (Twayne, ‘92); Charles deBenedetti, Peace Reform in American History* (Indiana, ‘80); Lauren Kessler, After All These Years* (Thunders Mouth, ‘90);  Todd Gittlin, The Sixties,* good overview (Bantam,‘87); Arthur Laffin, Anne Montgomery, Swords into Plowshares,* (Harper, ‘87); Roger Powers, William Vogele, eds., Protest, Power, and Change,  encyclo-pedia of nonviolent action (Garland, ‘97); James Tracy, Direct Action, valuable survey (Chicago); Juan Williams, Eyes on the Prize,*  on civil rights (Blackside, ‘87);  Larry Wittner, The Struggle Against the Bomb, 3 superb volumes (Stanford, ’93 …‘98); Howard Zinn, People's History of the U.S.,* (Harper, ‘85); “Social Movements for Justice & Peace”* (PJRC).



International Peacemakers

People Building Peace: 35 Inspiring Stories from Around the World (ECCP, IFOR, 1999, avail. from Fellowship of Reconciliation); Kerry Kennedy Cuomo and Eddie Adams, Speak Truth to Power, 50 profiles and photos of human rights activists around the world (Crown, ‘00); Stephen Zunes, et al, Nonviolent Social Movements (Blackwell, ‘99)

Asia --- Eknath Easwaran, A Man to Match His Mountains, hero of nonviolence in Islam (Nilgiri, ‘86); Sister Chan Khong, Learning True Love,* social change in Vietnam (Parallax, ‘93); Douglas Ellwood, Toward a Theology of People Power, on the nonviolent movement in the Philippines that toppled the dictator Marcos (New Day)

Africa --- Eric Berman and Katie Sams, Peacekeeping in Africa (UNDIR, ’00); Diana Russell, Lives of Courage,* (Basic, ‘89); Bill Sutherland and Matt Meyer, Guns and Gandhi in Africa, fine exploration of nonviolent options (Africa World Press, ‘00);  Walter Wink, Violence and Nonviolence in South Africa, influential (New Society, ‘86)

Europe  --- Victoria Barnett, For the Soul of the People: Protestant Protest Against Hitler, well-researched ( Oxford , ‘93); Philip Hallie, Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed*  also a film (HarperCollins, ‘79);  Richard Taylor and Nigel Young, Campaigns for Peace ( Manchester , ‘87)

Latin America --- Philip McManus and Gerald Schlabach, eds., Relentless Persistence: Nonviolent Action in Latin America,* a superb anthology (New Society, ‘91); Ed Nolan, Witness for Peace,* a key group (W/JKP, ‘91); Christian Smith, Resisting Reagan a good overview (Chicago, ‘96); Michelle Tooley, Voices of the Voiceless (Herald ‘97)

Middle East --- Hannah Ashrawi, This Side of Peace,* Palestinian human rights activist (Simon & Schuster, ‘95); Graeme MacQueen, ed., Unarmed Forces: Nonviolent Action in … the Middle East (Science for Peace, ‘92); Simona Sharoni, Gender and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (Syracuse, ‘95); Stephen Zunes, Tinderbox (Common Courage,’03)



International Peacemaking

Gregory Baum and Harold Wells, eds., Reconciliation of Peoples, an important and insightful global anthology (Orbis, 1997)

Ho-Won Jeong, Peace and Conflict Studies and Conflict Resolution: Dynamics, Process and Structure excellent surveys (Ashgate, ’00, ’99)

George Lopez and Nancy Myers, eds., Peace & Security, a fine anthol-ogy from The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Rowman & Littlefield, ‘97)

Kumar Rupesinghe, Civil Wars, Civil Peace: An Introduction to Conflict Resolution: emphasizes third-party mediation, preventive diplomacy, and other hopeful trends (Pluto Press, ‘98)

Glen Stassen, ed., Just Peacemaking: Ten Practices for Abolishing War, an important, stimulating anthology (Pilgrim, ’98)

Walter Wink, When the Powers Fall: Reconciliation in the Healing of Nations, an insightful study (AugsburgFortress, ‘98)

others:  Michael Beer, ed., A Peace Team Reader (Nonviolence International, ‘93),  Robert J. Burrowes, The Strategy of Nonviolent Defense: A Gandhian Approach (SUNY, 96);  Liam Mahony and Luis Enrique Eguren, Unarmed Bodyguards, on human rights accompaniment (Kumarian Press, ‘97); John Paul Lederach, Building Peace: Sustainable Reconciliation in Divided Societies (USIP, ‘97), Preparing for Peace (Syracuse, ‘96); Journey Toward Reconciliation, a personal perspective (Herald, ’99);  Judith Presler and Sally Scholz, eds., Peacemaking (Rodopi, ’00); Erwin Schmidl, ed., Peace Operations Between War and Peace  (Cass, ’00); J. Milburn Thompson, Justice and Peace: A Christian Primer (Orbis, 97); William Zartman, ed., Preventive Neg-otiation (Carnegie,’01); PJRC bibliog.;,;



Hunger, Economic Justice

David Beckmann and Arthur Simon, Grace at the Table stories and perspective on ending hunger (Paulist, 1999)

Kevin Danaher and Roger Burbach, ed., Globalize This! 26 brief essays on facing globalization (Common Courage, ‘00)

David Korten, When Corporations Rule the World, noted Harvard prof and development expert’s remarkably compelling analysis (Kumarian, ‘01)

Frances Moore Lappe, et al, World Hunger: Twelve Myths (Grove, ’98)

Cindy Moe Lobeda, Healing a Broken World, excellent (Fortress, 02)

Mike Prokosch and Laura Raymond, Global Activist’s Manual,* good analysis, great stories of (Thunder Mount/Nation Pr, ‘02)

Jeffry D. Sachs, The End of Poverty, outstanding overview of root causes, current strategies, and solutions to poverty (Penguin, 05)

film: The Girl in the Café, The Constant Gardner, Life and Debt; videos: Proclaim Jubilee, Global VillageGlobal Pillage; CDs: Hunger & Devel.* (PJRC); Hunger Has a Cure;

Jerry Aaker, Partners With the Poor (Friendship, ‘93); Karen L. Bloomquist, The Dream Betrayed (AugsburgFortress, ’90); Bread for the World Institute annual: fine analyses, case studies; Chuck Collins, F. Yeskel, UFE, Econ. Apartheid in America (New Press,’00); Pamela Couture, Blessed Are the Poor? (Abingdon,’93); Enoch Oglesby, Born in the Fire (Pilgrim, ‘90);  William Greider, One World Ready or Not,* insightful, well-written survey (S&S, ’97); Naomi Klein, No Logo (‘00); Paul Krugman, The Great Unravelling (Norton, ’03); Jerry Mander, ed., Case Against the Global Economy,* APSA best book (Sierra Club, ’96); Paul Parker, ed., Standing With the Poor, Pilgrim, ’92); Dean Ritz, ed., Defying Corporations, Defining Democracy (Apex, ‘01); William Tabb, Unequal Partners, (New Press, ’02); Neva Welton, Linda Wolf, Global Uprising (New Society,’01); Robert Wuthnow, ed., Rethinking Materialism (Eerdmans, ’95)



Environment, Technology 

Lester Brown, et al, State of the World and Vital Signs (Norton, annuals)

John B.Cobb, Sustainability: Economics, Ecology, Justice  (Orbis, ‘95)

Daniel Faber, The Struggle for Ecological Democracy,  with essays by leading scholars and activists ( Guilford , ‘98)

Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth (Rodale, ‘06) book, DVD

Larry Rasmussen, Earth Community, Earth Ethics, classic (Orbis, ‘96)

Michael Schut, ed., Simpler Living, Compassionate Life,* very good (Living Good News, ‘99,;

others: Robert Bullard, Unequal Protection, race & envir. justice (Sierra Club,‘94);  Ernest Callenbach, Ecology, A Pocket Guide ( Calif. , ‘98); Luke Anderson, Genetic Engineering, Food & Our Environment (Chelsea Green, ‘00); Charlene Spretnak, The Resurgence of the Real (Addison-Wesley,‘97).  


On simple living: Cecile Andrews, The Circle of Simplicity* (Harper Collins, 1997);  Duane Elgin, Voluntary Simplicity*  (Wm Morrow, ‘81); Goldian Vanden Broeck, Less is More (Inner Traditions, ‘96);




Racial Reconciliation

Crossing the Racial Divide and America's Original Sin, very useful discussion guides on race (Sojourner's magazine)

Joe Barndt, Dismantling Racism, an excellent guide by the director of Crossroads ministries (AugsburgFortress, ‘91)

Clyde W. Ford, We Can All Get Along: 50 Steps You Can Take to Help End Racism at Home, At Work...*  (Dell, ‘94)

Paul Kivel, Uprooting Racism, How White People Can Work for Racial Justice, insightful and practical (New Society, ‘02)

Patricia Raybon, My First White Friend: Confessions on Race, Love and Forgiveness,*  moving and helpful (Viking, ‘96)

Cooper Thompson, Emmett Robert Schaefer, and Harry Brod, White Men Challenging Racism: 35 Personal Stories (Duke, ‘03)

others:  Danny D. Collum, Black and White Together (Orbis, ‘96); Curtiss Paul DeYoung, Reconciliation: Our Greatest Challenge, Our Only Hope (Judson, ‘97); Samuel Freedman, Upon This Rock: Miracles of a Black Church* (HarperCollins, ‘93);  Justo Gonzales, Out of Every Tribe and Nation (Abingdon);  Judy H. Katz, White Awareness,* useful exercises (Oklahoma, ‘78);  Eric H.F.Law, The Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb: Spirituality of Leadership in a Multicultural Community (Chalice);  Park, Racial Conflict and Healing (Orbis, ‘96); Ronald Takaki, A Different Mirror, multicultural America (Little Brown, ’93);  Cornel West, Restoring Hope,*  Race Matters*..., brilliant essays (Beacon, ‘93); Cecil Williams, No Hiding Place,* community empowerment (HarperSF, ‘92)



Gender and Nonviolence

Jean Bethke Elshtain and Sheila Tobias, eds., Women, Militarism and War, exceptionally discerning (Rowman & Littlefield, 1990)

Cynthia Enloe, Maneuvers:..Militarizing Women’s Lives* (California, ‘00); Bananas, Beaches, and Bases* (Pandora, ‘89), Does Khaki Become You,* important insights (South End, ‘83)

Pam McAllister, ed., Reweaving the Web of Life,* an incisive, thoughtful anthology on women and nonviolence (New Society, ‘82)

K. Louise Schmidt, Transforming Abuse, nonviolent responses to abuse against women & children (New Society, ‘95); Michael Paymar, Violent No More,* helping men end domestic abuse (Hunter House);  

Dorothee Soelle, Creative Disobedience, (Pilgrim ’95) Of War and Love,* (Orbis, ‘83), On Earth as in Heaven..*: provocative essays (Fortress, ‘94)

others: Harriet H. Alonso, Peace as a Women‘s Issue (Syracuse, ’93);  Elise Boulding, The Underside of History (Westview, ’76, rev. ‘93); Center for the Prevention of Sexual & Domestic Violence, superb domestic abuse curriculum, videos,;  Alice Cook, Gwyn Kirk, Greenham Women Every-where* (South End, ‘83); Miriam Cooke & Angela Woollacott, eds., Gendering War Talk* (Princeton, ‘93); Jean Bethke Elshtain, Women and War (Basic, ‘57); Carrie Foster, The Women and the Warriors, on WILPF (Syracuse, ‘95), Gioseffi, Women on War,* Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, On Killing (Little Brown, 95); Suzanne Braun Levine, Father Courage (Harcourt, ’00); Jill Liddington, Sybil Oldfield, Women Against the Iron Fist* (Basil Blackwell);  Betty Reardon, Sexism and the War System (Columbia Tchrs Col, ‘84);  Olga Silverstein, Beth Rashbaum, Courage to Raise Good Men* (Viking Penguin, 94);



Leadership, Group Process

Alternatives to Violence basic manual, second level (AVP, 2002, ’05) outstanding weekend workshop, training for trainers,

Kim Bobo, Jackie Kendall, Steve Max, Organizing for Social Change,* a fine community organizing manual (Seven Locks, 3rd edition, 2001)

John Castil, Democracy in Small Groups,* an unusually perceptive and practical volume (New Society, ‘95)

George Lakey, Grassroots and Nonprofit Leadership, a fine book by an outstanding nonviolence trainer (New Society Press, ‘95)

Keshavan Nair, A Higher Standard of Leadership: Lessons from the Life of Gandhi* develops many useful insights (Berrett-Koehler, ‘95)

Randi Shaw, The Activist's Handbook, very insightful (Calif., ‘01)

others:  Center for Conflict Resolution, Manual for Group Facilitators (CCR, ‘77); Virginia Coover, et al, Resource Manual for a Living Revolution,*  exercises (New Soc, ‘77);  Stephen Covey, Principle-Centered Leadership* (Simon & Schuster, ‘90); Ed Hedemann, ed., War Resisters League Organizers Manual* (WRL, ‘81);  V.A. Howard and J.H. Barton, Thinking Together, effective meetings (Morrow, ‘92); Si Kahn, Organizing* (NASW, ‘91); Sam Kaner, et al, Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making (New Society); Edgar Stoesz & Chester Raber, Doing Good Better (Good Books, ‘97); Lee Staples, Roots to Power (Praeger, ‘84); Sharon Welch, Communities of Resistance (Orbis);  see also PJRC on Leadership



The Arts and Social Change

Carolyn Forche, ed., Against Forgetting: Twentieth Century Poetry of Witness,* wide-ranging, insight-filled global anthology (Norton, ’93)

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman & Gloria DeGaetano, Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill, eloquent call to action on media violence (Crown, 99)

Sam Hamill, ed., Poets Against The War  (Thunder’s Mouth/Nation, ’03)

Ingrid Rogers, ed., Swords Into Plowshares: A Collection of Plays About Peace and Social Justice (Brethren Press, ‘83)

Pete Seeger & Bob Reiser, Everybody Says Freedom: History of the Civil Rights Movement in Song and Pictures** (Norton, ‘89)

Michael True, An Energy Field More Intense Than War: The Non-violent Tradition and American Literature, very useful ( Syracuse , ‘95)

others: Center for Media Literacy,  videos, disc. helps, Terry Christensen, Reel Politics, U.S. political movies (Basil Blackwell, ‘87); Marcy Darnovsky, Epstein, and Flacks, eds., Cultural Politics and Social Movements (Temple, ‘95); R. Serge Denisoff, Sing a Song of Social Significance (Bowling Gr, ‘83); Nina Felshin, But Is It Art? art as activism,* Bay '95; Glen Gersmehl, ed., Words Among America*  poetry(PJRC, ‘69,72); Todd Gittlin, ed., Campfires of the Resistance,* Bobbs-Merrill, ‘71);  Penney Kome…, eds., Peace, A Dream Unfolding* (Sierra Club, ‘86);  Betty LaDuke, Companeras: Women, Art, & Social Change in Latin America (City Lights, ‘85);  Mark O'Brien and Craig Little, eds., Reimaging America: the Arts of Social Change* (New Society, ‘90); Richard S. Street, Organizing for Our Lives: New Voices from Rural Communities* photo essay (New Sage, ‘93); Deborah Wye, Committed to Print*  social and political themes in recent American printed art* (Museum of Mod. Art, ‘88);



Christian Nonviolence

Robert Herr and Judy Zimmerman Herr, editors, Transforming Violence, fine essays on peacemaking, local to global (Herald, ‘98)

Lutheran Peace Fellowship, resources and workshops on nonviolence, conflict transformation, world hunger…(

Angie O’Gorman, ed., The Universe Bends Toward Justice, A Reader in Christian Nonviolence,* a fine survey (New Society, ‘90)

Donald Shriver, An Ethic for Enemies: Forgiveness in Politics,* an exceptionally insightful, unpretentious, and lucid study (Oxford, ‘95) 

Paul Wee, American Destiny & the Calling of the Church (Augs-burgFortress, ‘06), a useful brief survey

Walter Wink, The Powers That Be*  pathbreaking, readable exploration of Christian nonviolence Engaging the Powers,* more detailed; Jesus and Nonviolence adds insight on activism (AugsburgFortr, ’98, ’92, ‘02) Jesus Third Way,  video on Wink’s approach to shalom (

John Howard Yoder, The Politics of Jesus,* very well-written and compelling study of nonviolence in Luke (Eerdmans, rev. ed., ‘96)

others:  Roland Bainton, Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace,* superb, inspiring survey (Abingdon, ‘60); Daniel Buttry, Peace Ministry: A Handbook for Local Churches, (Judson, ‘95);  John Dear, The God of Peace (Orbis, ‘94); Disarming the Heart (Paulist, ‘93), and other useful books... James Douglass, The Nonviolent Coming of God *(Orbis, ‘91), Stanley Hauerwas, et al, Wisdom of the Cross (Eerdmans, ’99); Jim McGinnis, Journey Into Compassion* (Crossroad, ‘89); Charles Marsh, The Beloved Community (Basic, ’05); Thomas Merton, The Nonviolent Alternative* (Farrar, ‘80); William Miller, Nonviolence: A Christian Interpretation* (Schocken, ‘66), Henri Nouwen, Road to Peace (Orbis, ’98); Ronald Sider, Nonviolence (Word, ‘89);  Glen Stassen, Just Peace-making, a fine survey (W/JKP, ‘92); Susan Thistlethwaite, Just Peace Church (UC, ’87); Gerard Vanderhar, Active Nonviolence and Enemies and How to Love Them (23rd Publ.); John Howard Yoder, When War Is Unjust,* superb just war inquiry (Orbis, ‘96),



biblical:  Walter Brueggemann, Living Toward a Vision: Biblical reflections on shalom...(United Church Press, ‘84), To Act Justly, Love Tenderly, Walk Humbly (Paulist)...and other works; Robert Hamerton-Kelly, The Gospel and the Sacred, Rene Girard applied to the gospel of Mark (AugsburgFortress);  William

Klassen, Love of Enemies (Fortress, ‘84); Ulrich Mauser, The Gospel of Peace (W/JKP, ’92); Richard McSorley, The New Testament Basis of Peacemaking, good overview (Herald, ‘79); Ched Meyers, et al, Say, to This Mountain, Mark on discipleship (Orbis, ‘97) short version of his Binding the Strong Man (Orbis, ‘94)


prayer, worship:  Walter Brueggemann, Praying the Psalms (SMP, ‘82); Joan Chittister, The Psalms and Songs of Joy (Crossroad, ’95,’97); Gary Davidson, editor, Banquet of Praise: 300 prayers, hymns, litanies... (Bread for the World, ‘90,; Geoffrey Duncan, Timeless Prayers for Peace (Pilgrim, ’03); Marian Wright Edelman, editor, Guide My Feet,*  prayers and meditations on working with children (Beacon, ‘95);  Anthony Gittins, Heart of Prayer: African, Jewish and Biblical Prayers (Collins);  Bill Kellerman, Seasons of Faith and Conscience, on worship (Orbis, 91);  Mary Lou Kownacki, ed., Fire of Peace prayers (Pax Christi, ’92); Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength to Love,* sermons (Augsburg, ‘65/’81); LPF, Peace Worship Resources,*   sixty pages of prayers, songs, sermons, and full services (Lutheran Peace Fellowship); Jim McGinnis, Call to Peace:  52 meditations on the Family Pledge of Nonviolence (Liguori, ‘98), Journey Into Compassion, thoughtful and practical (Crossroads, ‘93); Henri Nouwen, Show Me the Way (Crossroad, ’92); Cindy Pile, editor, Our Prayers Rise Like Incense,  fifty liturgies on peace and justice themes (Pax Christi, ‘98); James Brockman, ed., The Violence of Love (Harper, ‘98) and Voice of the Voiceless (Orbis, ’83), selections from sermons of Oscar Romero; Mary Schram, Extravagant Love* (Augsburg); William Shannon, Seeds of Peace: Contemplation and Nonviolence (Crossroad, ‘96); Desmond Tutu, ed., African Prayer Book (Doubleday, ‘95);  Brian Wren, Bread of Tomorrow (Orbis)



Other Religious Traditions 

Daniel Smith-Christopher, Subverting Hatred: The Challenge of Non-violence in Religious Traditions with essays on nine traditions (Orbis, 1998); Denise Carmody and John Carmody, Peace and Justice in the World’s Religions, a helpful survey (Paulist Press, ‘88)

Paul Loeb, Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in a Cynical Time,* encouraging lives of activism, courage, spirituality (St. Martin’s, ’99)

Bernie Glassman, Bearing Witness: A Zen Master’s Lessons in Making Peace,*  inspiring ( Bell Tower , ’98); Kenneth Kraft, The Wheel of Engaged Buddhism, a good, brief intro (Weatherhill, ‘99),

Thich Nhat Hanh, Love in Action* (Parallax, ’93); Touching Peace,* Peace in Every Step*...(Bantam, ‘92) by the beloved Buddhist teacher

Murray Polner and Naomi Goodman, eds., The Challenge of Shalom: The Jewish Tradition of Peace, 45 essays (NSP, ‘94);

Chaiwat Satha-Anand, The Nonviolent Crescent;  2 essays; Mahendra Kumar, ed., Nonviolence, Contemporary Issues and Challenges, 4 essays (South Asia Books, ‘94); Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, Islam and World Peace (Fellowship, ‘87);,

Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace,* stimulating insights on conflict and compassion by the founder of Aikido (Shambhala, ‘92); Richard Heckler, ed., Aikido and the New Warrior, 18 essays (North Atlantic, ‘85)

others:  The Dalai Lama, et al, A Policy of Kindness* (Snow Lion, ‘90);  Fred Eppsteiner, ed., The Path of Compassion*  on Socially Engaged Buddhism (Parallax, ‘88);  Haim Gordon and Leonard Grob, Educating for Peace: Testimonies from World Religions (Orbis, ‘87); Ignatius Jesudasan, A Gandhian Theology of Liberation (Orbis, ‘84); Arnold Kotler, ed., Engaged Buddhism Reader (Parallax, ‘97); Bruce Lawrence, Shattering the Myth: Islam Beyond Violence (Princeton, ’98);  Pandit Tiganuit, Yoga on War and Peace (Himalayan Institute); see also PJRC bibliography




Irwin Abrams, ed., The Words of Peace,* inspiring selections from speeches of Nobel Peace Laureates ( Newmarket ,  rev. ‘95)

Richard Deats, How to Keep Laughing... humor from around the world on peace themes (Fellowship of Reconciliation, ‘99)

Coretta Scott King, ed., The Martin Luther King, Jr. Companion,* a wonderful collection of quotations (St. Martin's, ‘93)

Thomas Merton, ed., Gandhi on Nonviolence,* brief quotations, with a thoughtful introduction by Merton (New Directions, ‘64) 

others: Elza Dinwiddie-Boyd, ed., In Our Own Words, African-America quota-tions (Avon); Eknath Easwaran, Words to Live By,* 365 quotes & meditations (Nilgiri, ‘90); Stuart Lord… eds., Common Good, Common Ground: Building Commitment and Community (PP, ’99)Pax Christi, Peacemaking, Day by Day, 2 superb volumes of quotes; (PC, ’85 & ’89) Pax Christi has published booklets of quotes of Berrigan, Day, Jegen, King, Merton, Vanderhar... The Words of Desmond Tutu (Newmarket Press, ’89); PJRC and LPF, Nonviolence Cards  8 cards with quotes from King, Gandhi, Bonhoeffer, Women peacemakers...



Outstanding Web Sites:

Especially useful sources of alternative perspectives: Commentaries from publications in Europe, Asia ….    Lots of great commentary and visioning Analysis, interviews, religious perspective, links, humor  Foreign Policy in Focus “think tank without walls”

other helpful sites:



Other Sources:

Many of the above books contain helpful bibliographies; many of the above web sites contain helpful lists of links to other sources. 

PJRC annotated bibliographies and data bases include: Sources for the Wall of Hope:  peace and justice throughout history, 180 titles Peacemaking for Young People, 100 titles; Economic Justice, 50 titles; Social Movements for Justice and Peace, 1600 titles:  Peace and Justice Activists and Heroes, 300 titles; Nonviolence, 100 titles; Justice, Peace and Spirituality, 350 titles; Peace Education, Organizing, and Training, 180 titles; The Arts and Social Change, 250 titles; Foreign Policy, 200 titles.


Comments and suggestions on this list are greatly appreciated.

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Other recommended bibliographies: Ronald McCarthy and Gene Sharp, Nonviolent Action: A Research Guide, a very comprehensive effort (Garland); April Carter, et al, Nonviolent Action: A Selected Bibliography, 400 titles (Housmans, ‘70); Charles Howlett, The American Peace Movement, 1600 titles (G.K.Hall, ‘91); G.I. Stevens, Videos... on Diversity (American Library Assoc.)



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