We are in a period of great promise,
one of the most hopeful in decades.

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Does it seem like an understatement to say that hopes are running high?  A new administration will soon be inaugurated, one offering a new vision, inspiration, and a commitment to justice, peace, inclusivity, and change.
Yet all too many people are still in the 'observer' and 'well-wisher' mode. We can help them join with others who are rolling up their sleeves and playing an active role in moving forward. Adding their efforts in moving our country away from war and inequality, insecurity and torture toward a new era of justice and peace, sustainability and empowerment.
What? We invite you to participate – as you may already plan to do – in the MLK day of service Jan 19 and various inauguration events. We invite you as well to reach out to others: Print out and make copies of the attached half-page flyer and use it to invite others to join or deepen their involvement with groups that offer an alternative to our bankrupt economic and military, foreign and domestic policies.
As King, Gandhi, Day -- and Barak Obama -- have said many times, change will be successful to the degree that citizens support real alternatives and do so with enough creativity, discipline, and persistence to prevail over those special interests who want to keep their favored status and unfair advantages. For the truth is, Obama will be able to accomplish as much as we create political space for him to do.
Attached half-page flyer: (doc, pdf) The first panel offers a few sentences of invitation and inspiration. The inside two panels aim to offer the briefest, most engaging outlines of a half dozen of the changes that most need our support along with a timely quote from MLK. The back panel gives the name, phone, web site (or email) of the sixteen Religious Peace Fellowships, a couple national links, and space to add local chapter or network information.
It is very important that we help folks join with the groups that will be crucial to supporting the kind of deeper changes we so desparately need. Moreover, the list itself is a message of hope. Few people realize there are folks organizing in virtually every faith tradition who are serious about changing this country’s dangerous priorities and direction.
Thank you for being part of the vision and hope!
How to make copies. Print out the pdf page. Print copies on both sides using the same original (you may want to make a single copy to double-check that both sides face the same way). Make multiple copies, cut in half, then fold.
To format more elegantly, make two originals. Cut out the quarter page with the title "What is our role...," and paste it upside down over the same quarter page on another original. Then copy as above, cut, and fold. [It's easier to do than it may seem.]

You may want to make copies using the pdf file since it avoids any gliches from different versions of Word. If you want to add a local group's info, use the Word file, erase a blank line in the middle of the first column and add a line of your info to the bottom of the first column


flyer available in doc, pdf

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